OK, so you’ll have to bear with me a bit here, because I’m new to blogging. Basically, this blog is an unashamedly blatant plug for my books, in the hope that you’ll buy them once they are published in ebook format. Some have already been published in print (in both the UK and USA) and were given some enthusiastic reviews at the time, while others are brand new. All of them fall into the category of ‘spy fiction’, with the accent on action and adventure. Hopefully, the ebooks will be online within the next few months. The ones that have been published (with their print covers) are:

The Faust Conspiracy









The Dutch CaperĀ (originally published in the UK asĀ The Radar Job)


















The Alaska Project


















While the previously unpublished titles will be:

Berlin Endgame

Servants Of The State

The published books are still available to buy on Amazon here.

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