The Ones That Got Away: Phoenix (2)

I did have another look at Phoenix in the end, and rewrote at least half of it, coming up with a starting point involving illegal arms sales to Argentina during the Falklands War, with a revenge motive dating from there that enabled me to set it during the present day – and I’m still not happy with it, because there remains a huge plot hole that just won’t go away. This time, I think it’s final – the basic idea has been kicking around for over thirty years now and, despite everything, it refuses to gel (even though there’s only one sequence left from the original manuscript now), so it probably never will. It’s been a case of trying to fit an overall story onto existing sequences rather than the story coming first (which, when you think about it, should be how it works). Again, another one to put down to experience (although it’s taken long enough for it to sink in).

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